December's Tap into TechSpring: The Robots Are Here!

Possibly smart people predict that about 50% of jobs will become automated and that millions of jobs will be replaced by robots within 15 years*. Come hear (and see!) examples of robots already at work at Baystate.

Join Tap Into TechSpring on Thu, Dec 12 (5-8pm). Discussion will be on how robots will impact healthcare, opportunities and challenges inherent in the use of this technology, and even see an example of a robot at work today at Baystate (honestly NOT very exciting to watch).


Attend the monthly open-house networking event called Tap into TechSpring.

This is a vibrant innovation community of technologists and healthcare professionals working together to solve the very real challenges in healthcare today. 

Mark your calendars, it is always the second Thursday of each month from 5-8pm.

Event Info

Date & Time 
Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
1350 Main Street 1350 Main Street