Contact: Khristina Butenko



1upHealth is a Sandbox Tool within the Digital Health Sandbox Network. Sandbox Tools provide a technical service for digital health companies to test and validate their products and services, but unlike sandboxes, they do not actively consult with and guide the development of digital health companies. Companies are encouraged to learn more and work with sandbox tools, but projects with sandbox tools are not eligible for funding from MeHI through the Digital Health Sandbox Grant Program. 

The 1upHealth Digital Sandbox utilizes modern app development technologies that are based on the latest FHIR standards for healthcare interoperability, including RESTful API’s and OAuth2 authentication.  Open-source tools are provided for managing the data.  Once connected to your patient’s live medical records, you can easily move to full EHR access via the same Sandbox API’s. There are two options for partnering with 1upHealth:

Option 1 - Patient Authorized Access

As a developer, you can read your users' full medical records in seconds from patients who authorize sharing their data with your digital health app, across our entire network. 

The 1upHealth Digital Sandbox provides digital health apps with live access to medical records for:

  • Over 280M patients  in Massachusetts and across the US
  • Via our network of over 10,000 hospitals and health centers
  • Test patients and credentials are provided for the leading EHR systems
  • Any developer can get up and running with 1upHealth’s Digital Sandbox for free

Option 2 - Population Level Access

This allows users to have population level data transfer and analytics possible, with the ability to export any or all of FHIR data, and run population health analytics on top of this population.

The 1upHealth Digital Sandbox provides digital health app developers access to:

  • 1.2M synthetic patient records for population-level queries and analytics 
  • Access to the Bulk FHIR Reference Implementation for the HHS LEAP Grant
  • Synthetic data: can be used for FHIR demos, prototypes, scalability testing

These medical datasets were carefully constructed as part of 1upHealth’s $1M LEAP grant with Boston Children’s Hospital to drive innovations in population-level interoperability, including quality measures and value-based care. Your 1upHealth Sandbox environment comes with FHIR Bulk Data built-in for testing with the data that you generate.